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My homemade computer case

October 15th, 2005 by Jim

A trip to the hardware store


Actually, this project required numerous trips to the hardware store, but only because I did not have a solid plan nor did I really know what I was doing. I had never undertaken a construction project with only raw materials and nothing to compare against.


1/4″ LEXAN (highly-durable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic)
Aluminum angles
Machine screws (flat-head, because they are more industrial looking)
Various nuts and bolts
Carrying handle


Rotary saw (Dremel)
Table saw
Flat-head screw driver
Crescent wrench

Note: Since it has been over three (3) years since I built this case, I am only providing a brief listing of the materials and tools used during the construction. I will consider improving this section later, if there is any interest shown regarding the missing details.

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  1. d00d Says:

    make this into a DIY tutorial ?
    (do it yourself)